Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Timebound (The Chronos Files #1) by Rysa Walker

5 Stars!

With ‘Timebound,’ Rysa Walker seamlessly integrates a time travel element into an exciting YA novel with well-developed and fun characters while creating an enjoyable pseudo-love-triangle. Details of the clever time travel mechanics are explained clearly as we follow as the main character, Kate, learns of her family’s inherited genetic characteristics that make time travel possible for them, and the unthinkable actions taken by other factions of her family.

‘Timebound’ follows Kate as she copes with a timeline changing out from under her and endeavors to re-establish what once was. Kate is an incredibly likable character with believable emotional and logical reactions to her continually changing circumstances. Issues of altered memories, morality and ‘right or wrong’ are handled extraordinarily well.

A fair and reasonable pseudo-love-triangle exists between Kate and Trey, the guy she falls for prior to the timeline change, and Kate and Kiernan, the guy she meets while traveling through time. Kiernan seems to have the advantage of having built a relationship with Kate in a different timeline prior to his first meeting with the Kate we follow. Kate may end up with the same advantage if she successfully returns the timeline to where it belongs; in that she would remember the relationship she built with Trey, but he would not.

All in all, a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable read for young adults of all ages, as this is not a simple tale of one time travel trip, but rather several adventures through time.

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