Tuesday, May 24, 2016

'The Glittering Court' by Richelle Mead

5 glittering stars!

With 'The Glittering Court', author Richelle Mead skillfully transitions between several vastly different locations throughout her fictional world of Adoria, allowing readers to enjoy the main characters' thoughts and behaviors in varying settings.  Though the tale clearly begins with fancy dresses, finishing school, and competitive attempts to land a successful husband overseas, there is more to this gem than meets the eye.  Our main character travels from upper class mobility in long-established Elizabethan London-type Osfrid to its colonies overseas, reminiscent of the American frontier.  Plot twists abound!

We begin in the aristocratic Osfrid, at the home of Elizabeth Whitmore, Duchess of Rothford, whose family estate has lost money in recent years.  Desperate for a way out of a severely boring arranged marriage to a cousin, Elizabeth jumps at the chance to impersonate her maid, Adelaide Bailey, as a member of The Glittering Court's finishing school.  She has high hopes of landing a more successful and interesting husband across the sea, in the new colonies of Adoria.

Along the way, Adelaide makes friends with her roommates Mira and Tasmin.  Each girl is resourceful, independent, and interesting in their own way, just like Adelaide.  I look forward to reading their stories as Richelle continues the series.

Throughout most of this book, only the recruiter Cedric Thorn knows of her true identity and her motives.  They grow as close as their status and the situation allows, as Elizabeth-as-Adelaide secures the top position as the Diamond at the head of the Glittering Court, and attends the parties and social events that come with being courted.  Over time, they fight their passion for each other a little less.  Their slow-building romance proceeds at just the right pace and is quite enjoyable.

Would recommend ‘The Glittering Court' to any YA reader.

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