Wednesday, January 25, 2017

‘Changing Nature’ (The Immortal Descendants #3) by April White

5 time traveling stars!

‘Marking Time’ review.
‘Tempting Fate’ review.

Spoilers ahead:

‘Marking Time’ followed Clocker Saira Elian as she discovered the secret Family lines descended from five Immortals; Time, Fate, Nature, War, and Death.  She was sent to an exclusive private boarding school in London, where these descendants learn more about their abilities as well as receive a general education.  She made friends with Seers and Shifters, and found herself in trouble with Mongers, who seek to ‘police’ within their own species.  Saira eventually learned why she is a target; she is of mixed blood and is dating a Vampire, descended from Death. 

When an evil Monger-Vampire attempted to trap Saira’s Clocker mother in 1888, she and her allies, Archer and Ringo, stepped in for the rescue, at all costs.

‘Tempting Fate’ reunited ‘the gang’ as Saira, Archer, and Ringo traveled to Tudor England and disrupted the same evil Monger-Vampire’s plan to execute Lady Elizabeth Boleyn before she could become Queen.  Saira learned firsthand that permanent disruptions in the timeline are possible and are large-scale disastrous.

The third installment of ‘The Immortal Descendants’ series begins with more daring public displays of aggression from Mongers, as they kidnap dozens of mixed-bloods.  After several failed attempts at abducting both Saira and Archer, the gang escapes back in time, hoping to fix the anomaly that has created the permanent shift in the time stream.

‘Changing Nature’ is the third in a completed five-book series about Clockers, Seers, Shifters, War Mongers, and Suckers.

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