Friday, June 9, 2017

‘Ethereal’ and the Celestra series by Addison Moore

5 paranormal stars!

Ethereal introduces readers to author Addison Moore’s re-imagined take on angels; teenagers attending high school with all the usual drama that high school ensues, who happen to have powers based on which of the five factions of angels they are born into.  Readers are introduced to the underlying supernatural story line as the main character, Skyla Messenger, slowly discovers these aspects.  It is clear from the start that much more is happening than the snippets of information shared with Skyla.

The dialog and writing style are catchy and successfully captivated my attention, not just during ‘Ethereal,’ but also throughout other books in the Celestra series. The central characters are well written and easy to care about.  The love triangle between Skyla, Logan, and Gage is front-and-center, but it seems justified based on plot lines and I enjoy it.  I’ve jumped right into the next book after reading each in this series; highly recommend. 

Please note that Celestra #’s 1-8 are Young Adult.  All others, including ‘Ethereal Knights’ and ‘Perfect Love’ are New Adult.

A digital copy of ‘Ethereal’ is available for free with all major book retailers.

Celestra reading order:
Crown of Ashes (Celestra Forever After, #4) – Releasing Summer 2017

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