Thursday, September 24, 2015

Crystallum (Primordial Principles #1) by Laney McMann

4.5 stars!

'Crystallum' was an exciting page-turner.  Devoured in 3.5 days, I could hardly bare to part with this book when real life got in the way of reading.  I often needed to know what happened next, needed to re-read the last paragraph because the most recent twist revealed didn’t sink in the first time, and now I need to read the next book!

With 'Crystallum,' McMann has dreamt up a detailed and intricate world, complete with its own rules and alliances within the different factions of the Primordial race.  This YA novel includes romance, action, and decent character development.  I only wish the author had not created an insta-love between two characters and then spend time later in the book justifying why they were so good together.

McMann’s writing style is different than I’m used to; the book begins with an action scene and dialog between two main characters, harmless and clever banter between two guys who have clearly known each other for ages.  But the dialog and the action from the first scene isn’t explained clearly until about 20% in.  The rest of the book contains both action and romance and typical high school drama, and every once in a while, another big-explanation or big-reveal bomb is dropped.  Maybe I’m just used to more subtle reveals or more set up at the beginning of a book.

I really enjoyed the story, despite the female lead, Kadence, always needing help from Cole.  The characters and the mystery of the Primordial race were very intriguing.  I recommend this page-turner to any reader who enjoys YA, supernatural, and fantasy.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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