Saturday, April 2, 2016

‘Air Awakens’ Series by Elise Kova

5 earth shattering stars!

Magic, castles, and feisty interactions with moody princes.  All my absolute favorites.

Vhalla Yarl’s story is compelling; a servant-level palace Library Apprentice with a strong mind and a passion for learning.  Her loyalty to her friends is unquestionable and moving.  The fierce friendships and bonds that form throughout the series is realistic and thoroughly enjoyable, and Vhalla’s interactions with the supporting characters and both the Crown Prince and the Golden Prince is what keeps the story moving at an amazing pace.

The ‘Air Awakens’ series is a joy to read, beautifully written with well-developed characters and vivid descriptions of elemental magic and the various rooms within the castle and of the scenery and temporary camps along Vhalla’s journey.

Author Elise Kova made the excellent choice to have Vhalla narrate in the first-person, as readers are privy to her private thoughts, memories, and reactions.  As the story is centered around Vhalla, these are important insights.

I devoured ‘Air Awakens,’ ‘Fire Falling,’ ‘Tales from the Front’ (novella) and ‘Earth’s End’ within one week, begrudgingly taking breaks only when ‘real life’ insisted.  Cannot wait to find out what happens next in ‘Water’s Wrath,’ releasing on April 26, 2016.

This YA fantasy series is perfect for fans of Rachel E. Carter’s ‘The Black Mageseries.

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