Sunday, June 19, 2016

‘Vernal’ (The Royal Protector Academy #1) by Randi Cooley Wilson

4.5 supernatural stars!

Gargoyle Princess Serena St. Michael is the last of her regal bloodline and destined to live within the confines of royalty.  Though she has her father wrapped around her finger and wants for nothing, her future is not her own.  Duty requires that she study and train with the other gargoyle protectors, and that she must eventually marry to create a new alliance to maintain peace between various supernatural races.  This plan does not sit well with the rebellious and free spirited 20-year-old princess.

In the third and final year of her training at the Royal Protector Academy, her family has secretly assigned her a new and additional personal protector/bodyguard, in anticipation of an assassination attempt from a source of evil long-ago wronged by the St. Michael’s.  However, the family never expected that Serena and her new guard would fall for each other.  Tristan Gallagher has a shady past and secrets of his own.  He’s also gorgeous and off-limits.  How could Serena possibly not be attracted? 

Tristan has various connections in the supernatural world, and responsibilities of his own to uphold, but he cannot deny the strong pull he feels towards Serena.  As much as he tries to convince himself that ensuring her safety is simply his current assignment, he can’t help but feel deeply for her.  Tristan knows, better than anyone, that he is bad news for Serena and would only end up hurting her, that he cannot claim her, mate with her, or keep her once the assignment ends.  But heck if he doesn’t want to, with every fiber of his being.

The Royal Protector Academy feels like a college atmosphere, with the gargoyle students adding witty banter to the already sarcasm-laced dialog.  Despite the seriousness of their purpose, and the impending threat of attack, the tone among classmates is light and fun.

Author Randi Cooley Wilson has successfully managed to combine many different types of supernatural beings into one coherent NA love story.  Perfect for fans of Laura Thalassa’s ‘The Unearthly’ series and anyone who enjoys a good NA paranormal romance.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Vernal will be available on June 24th!

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