Tuesday, November 29, 2016

‘Rhapsodic’ (The Bargainer, #1) by Laura Thalassa

5 stars!

With her series of 5 books, ‘The Unearthly,’ Laura Thalassa has managed to combine many different types of supernatural beings into one coherent YA love story between supernatural soulmates and the devil that seeks to tear them apart.  (‘The Unearthly’ reviews here.)

‘Rhapsodic’ is an equally well-written NA fantasy book set in the world of Thalassa's ‘The Unearthly’ series, though there are no cross-over characters.  For this adventure, we follow Callypso through time spent at Peel Academy, the elite supernatural boarding school on the British Isles, and onward to adulthood.  As a young woman, she made several (hundred) deals with The Bargainer, a gorgeous, infamous, and seemingly all-powerful otherworldly being.  ‘Rhapsodic’ takes readers back and forth, between 16-year-old Callie and 24-year-old Callie, and her dynamic relationship with The Bargainer.

Sirens and fairies and magic and snark!  If you enjoyed the YA supernatural ‘The Unearthly’ series, you’ll love this!  

All books mentioned in this post are currently available as part of the Kindle Unlimited program.

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