Monday, June 6, 2016

‘Amber Frost’ by Suzi Davis

3.5 stars

‘Amber Frost’ begins with the perfect and beautiful 18-year-old Grace Lynn Stevenson.  Readers learn about her high profile and high society family, and the demands upon her to keep up appearances and manage a perfect image at all times.  The book’s opening is a wonderfully descriptive narrative of Grace’s private moment in Art class at a prestigious and private high school in Canada.  And then fellow student, Sebastian, draws Grace out of her private thoughts and her life begins to change forever.

Sebastian has lost his memory, but begins to remember bits and pieces as he gets closer to Grace.  All he knows, at the start of their friendship, is that he has a magic-like ability to get what he wants if he only wishes for it.  He can remain young and healthy if he continues to wish it.  As memories unfold, he remembers just how many hundreds of years he has been wishing to be young and healthy, and the two re-discover a shared ancient past.

While ‘Amber Frost’ was not the most well-written YA novel I’ve read this year, it was indeed a good read.  

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