Saturday, June 18, 2016

‘The Watchmaker's Daughter’ (Glass and Steele #1) by C.J. Archer

5 stars!  Amazing story!

Set in 1890 London, ‘The Watchmaker's Daughter’ is the first entry of a new series by the skillful wordsmith C.J. Archer. 

Handsome American Matthew Glass is visiting London, desperately seeking the watchmaker who created a timepiece that is near and dear to him.  The watch is breaking, and if he is unable to find its maker in time, it could be big trouble for Mr. Glass.

‘The Watchmaker’s Daughter’ begins with one of Matthew’s numerous visits to watchmaker shops in London, however, ownership of this specific shop has just changed hands.  Eddie Hardacre had convinced Miss India Steele into accepting his marriage proposal, and successfully tricked Mr. Steele into bequeathing the shop to Eddie.  Two weeks prior to the opening scene, Mr. Steele had finally succumbed to his illness and passed away, unintentionally leaving India to be dumped by Eddie, broke, and also homeless.  India arrived at her family’s former shop to let Eddie have a piece of her mind, only to run into Mr. Glass as he makes inquiries about his own watch.

Inspired by India’s feistiness and knowledge of London watchmakers, Glass convinces Steele to work with him in his search for his watch’s maker, and to move into his London house for the duration of their collaboration.  India has her reservations against strange men, after her former fiance Eddie, however, her current situation put her in a desperate situation of needing both a place to live and an income.  Her mind is put somewhat at ease when she meets Matt’s female cousin, also residing in the home, and eventually, his Aunt as well.

With ‘The Watchmaker’s Daughter,’ author C.J. Archer has cleverly crafted a steady plot and several complex characters.  Matthew Glass keeps both India and readers in suspense over his secrets throughout most of the book.  His friends help to keep the tone light, and if you’re familiar with Archer’s ‘Ministries of Curiosities’ series, you’ll understand; none of Archer’s background characters are dull, and her main characters are full of mystery and surprises.  As a leading lady, India Steele is independent and has a mind of her own, not to be controlled by the many men in her life foolish enough to attempt it.

Though Glass and Steele do occasionally flirt, this is not purely a romance novel.  It is part romance, part mystery, part magic; all of which a joy to read.

Thanks to talented author, C.J. Archer, for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

‘The Watchmaker’s Daughter’ will be available on June 28th!

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