Thursday, February 2, 2017

‘Waging War’ and ‘Cheating Death’ (The Immortal Descendants #4-5) by April White

5 death-defying stars!

‘Marking Time’ review.
‘Tempting Fate’ review.
‘Changing Nature’ review.

Spoilers ahead:

‘Waging War’ follows Saira on an incredible journey through time and ends in the mother of all cliff-hangers.  Dive straight into book 5:

‘Cheating Death’ is an excellent conclusion to a delightful and complex series.  Readers finally learn the truth about what happened between the original Immortals, as well as the motivation and connections behind all the pot-stirring Mongers.

‘Cheating Death’ is the fifth and final entry in a completed five-book series about Clockers, Seers, Shifters, War Mongers, and Suckers.  Stay tuned to author April White for a spin-off series in the future! 

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