Tuesday, October 27, 2015

'Silver Hollow' by Jennifer Silverwood

3.5 stars!

An enchanting and intricate read; Silver Hollow is surely a magical word, and following our main character, Amie, takes concentration.  I re-read/skimmed Silver Hollow immediately after finishing it and found lots of clues scattered throughout the book, but they are easy to dismiss as not-essential-to-the-plot and easy to gloss over.  I found this book even more enjoyable as I went through and discovered all the clues I missed the first time.

Careful; here there be dragons, and magic, and wrights, and King Arthur (sort of), and hobgoblins, and other things that go bump in the night.  Though there were two romantic possibilities for Amie, I would not declare this anything close to a love triangle.  As Amie is new to everything in the magical world of Silver Hollow where nothing is as it seems, her friendships and relationships take time to develop naturally.  As this is a book of mystery right up until the end, there is little else to say without giving away spoilers.  I whole-heartedly enjoyed the ending and Amie’s romantic choice.

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