Friday, June 16, 2017

‘Guardian of the Grail’ (Immortal Blood #1) by Elena Bryce

4.5 Stars

“Before vampires, they were Guardians. Drinking the blood of the Holy Grail, and sworn to protect it and the other sacred relics through the ages.”

Elena Bryce’s ‘Immortal Blood’ series follows the precious few who have drank from the Holy Grail, gaining enhanced strength, speed, night-vision, and other gifts; along with a responsibility to the Grail and the other sacred artifacts.  Author Bryce has combined aspects of the Christian religion with the legend of King Arthur and Merlin, as well as a host of supernatural creatures into a truly original and captivating paranormal urban fantasy series.

In ‘Guardian of the Grail,’ we follow Grail Vampire Lachlan Thorn and witch Ivy Meadows on their quest of protecting the Holy Grail while in transport so that it can be properly hidden once again.  You see, the Grail draws the attention and attraction of everyone in the surrounding area, whether they be human, vampire, witch, werewolf, fay, or otherwise magically inclined.

Though Lachlan and Ivy do some traveling together, their story focuses more on their personal journeys.  Through conversations between Lachlan and Ivy, readers learn about Lachlan’s past and the origination of Grail Guardians, and separately, vampires as known by modern popular culture.  We also learn much about Ivy’s family history of witches through the ages as she taps deeper into her powers.

As with all good paranormal fantasy novels, there is a ‘villain,’ perhaps the oldest of villains; known as The Wandering Jew.  Rumor has it he possesses all the advantages of vampires without any of the weaknesses and cannot be killed.  His search for the Grail and other sacred relics in his quest for power and domination brings him in direct contact with Lachlan and Ivy, and Lachlan’s family.

The characters may be ancient and powerful, but they are easy to care about and emphasize with.  Likewise, the story-telling nature of this novel was easy to read and enjoyable, and the fight scenes weren’t descriptively gruesome.

The ‘Immortal Blood’ series is solid paranormal urban fantasy.  The sequels to ‘Guardian of the Grail’ – both ‘Guardian of the Spear’ and ‘Guardian of the Thorn’ are currently available as part of the Kindle Unlimited Program.  Author Elena Bryce is also working on more novels set in this world.

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