Wednesday, June 14, 2017

‘Lost Girl’ (Neverwood Chronicles #1) by Chanda Hahn

5 stars!

‘Lost Girl’ is a well-written page-turner and brilliant re-imagining of the Peter Pan tale we all know and love.  All the classic elements are present, each with a new spin.

For the first seven chapters, readers follow Wendy as a child, locked in the Neverland Institution on an island, fearful of the Red Skulls who force the doctors to run further experiments on the children.  Wendy is slow to make friends in her captivity, but the one she calls Boy, with green eyes and auburn hair, she knows she can trust.

Seven years later, Wendy has been adopted by George and Mary, has become an older sister to their son John, and has made a life for herself in high school.  All this despite the nightmares and shadows that seem to haunt her.  When the shape-shifting shadows attack in public, and Wendy can no longer fight what she sees and pretend that she is normal, she runs away from home to avoid being institutionalized again.  Instead, she falls in with Peter, Tink, and the Lost Boys at their Neverwood Academy hideout, in an awkward dance of secrets versus trust.

Rumor has it the sequel, ‘Lost Boy’ will be published very soon.  Get your copy of ‘Lost Girl’ while it’s on sale!

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