Friday, June 9, 2017

‘The Crowns of Croswald’ (The Croswald 1) by D.E. Night

5 magical stars!

This is a delightful YA fantasy story involving a young lady with magical abilities and a magic school where she finds herself belonging.  This book feels reminiscent of Harry Potter, in all the right ways.

Book Blurb:
“In Croswald, the only thing more powerful than dark magic is one secret… 

For sixteen years Ivy Lovely has been hidden behind an enchanted boundary that separates the mundane from the magical. When Ivy crosses the border, her powers awaken. Curiosity leads her crashing through a series of adventures at the Halls of Ivy, a school where students learn to master their magical blood and the power of Croswald’s mysterious gems. When Ivy’s magic––and her life––is threatened by the Dark Queen, she scrambles to unearth her history and save Croswald before the truth is swept away forever.”

Young Ivy Lovely, care-taker of scaldrons (cute dragons that provide fire for cooking food for a castle) is content enough with her lot in life, though she secretly wishes for more.  She shows talent for remembering her dreams, a photographic memory, and being able to perfectly sketch what she sees; all of these traits of magic-wielders called Scrivenists.  When a series of events leads her and the smallest scaldron in her care to a cab floating in the sky and whisks them away to magic school, it’s more than Ivy could have ever dreamt of.

Perfect for fans of ‘Harry Potter’!

I voluntarily read a Review Copy of this book.  All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else’s.

‘The Crowns of Croswald’ will be available on July 21, 2017.

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