Friday, January 20, 2017

'One Past Midnight' by Jessica Shirvington

4.5 stars 

Jessica Shirvington has done it again!  YA novel with a paranormal element narrated by a competent teenage girl.  'One Past Midnight' is just as good as Shirvington's 'Embrace' series.

This book has us follow 18-year-old Sabine through her two different lives in two slightly different worlds.  Sabine is the only one she knows who shifts through the worlds every 24 hours, promptly at midnight.  When we meet her, she has parents, siblings, friends, and a nearly complete high school education in both worlds, and is a bit tired of shifting between them.  She notices a difference in her shifting; that physical changes no longer shift with her, and this opens up new possibilities for her.

There was a really nice surprise hiding in the last few pages of the book.

'One Past Midnight' is available in bookstores, and may even be hiding in your library, like my copy was!

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