Wednesday, January 4, 2017

‘Scattered Souls’ (Flames of Time #2) by Erica Lucke Dean

5 stars!

Excellent second entry in the 'Flames of Time' series!  'Scattered Souls' involved more time travel adventures and additional details about the curse, while focusing more on the three entwined souls, Ava, Maddox and Laith.  (Review of 'Splintered Souls' here.)

‘Scattered’ picks up exactly where ‘Splintered’ left off; Laith has just saved Ava’s life and simultaneously achieved his plan of kidnapping her to the past, so that they can spend time together.  As soul mates, Ava, Laith, and Maddox are all linked to each other, however, up to this point Ava had not fully explored her connection with Laith.  All he has wanted is an uninterrupted chance to charm Ava, and now (much to readers’ enjoyment) he has that chance.

While Laith attempts to woo Ava, traveling through time and spoiling her rotten, Ava learns the intricate and practical details about how her two soul mates are able to travel through time.  As she comes to better understand the curse that binds the three soul mates for eternity, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

We gain a second narrator, as an increasingly crazed and flustered Maddox searches throughout time for his soul mate, unwilling to allow Ava to fall for Laith.  Maddox is convinced that he is the better choice for Ava and that he deserves to find happiness with her, because of his past with his brother. 

Is it really that simple though?  Find out in this compelling YA paranormal romance; perfect for fans of Rysa Walker's 'Timebound' book series and the CW show, 'The Vampire Diaries.'

‘Scattered Souls’ will be available January 10, 2017.

I’ve voluntarily reviewed this book.

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