Tuesday, January 31, 2017

‘Velvet’ (Velvet Trilogy #1) by Temple West

4 red velvet stars

‘Velvet’ begins our tale of Caitlin, whose mother loses her battle with cancer just days before their house is sold and Caitlin moves from Connecticut to upstate New York to live with her Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin in sleepy Stony Creek.  Several pages are incredibly sad, be forewarned if you have experienced a loss recently.

Caitlin’s hot, reclusive, and charming next-door-neighbor is soon revealed to have supernatural abilities.  Adrian is a half-demon, half-vampire, super-smart pop-culture dork with a fun streak and serious respect for his elders.  Over time, he not only explains how advanced chemistry and basic algebra work, but also how vampires come to be and why they need both blood and food to survive.

Much to Caitlin’s delight, Adrian is assigned as her personal bodyguard by the vampire Counsel when his demon father sets his sights on her.  To avoid suspicion from the humans at their high school where she is junior and he’s a senior, they pretend to be a young couple in love.  The two share some really sweet scenes as they start to really fall for each other, though they must to hide their true feelings from Adrian’s family and the Counsel as vampires are forbidden to date humans and are discouraged from interacting with them, under normal circumstances.

I highly recommended this book to YA supernatural romance fans.  ‘Velvet’ is available for purchase, and might be hiding in your local library.

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